IBM Printers, all configurations:

In Stock/Refurbed/30 Day Warranty/Guaranteed Eligible for IBM Maintenance

  • 6500-V20 (Infoprint Line Matrix Printer, 2000LPM, All Configurations)-Call
  • 6500-V10 (Infoprint Line Matrix Printer, 1000LPM, All Configurations)-Call
  • 6500-V05 (Infoprint Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, All Configurations)-Call
  • 6400-i24 (Line Matrix Printer, 2400LPM, All configurations)-$4400
  • 6400-i2S (Line Matrix Printer, 2000LPM, All Configurations)-$3900
  • 6400-i20 (Line Matrix Printer, 2000LPM, All Configurations)-$3400
  • 6400-020 (Line Matrix Printer, 2000LPM, All Configurations)-$3400
  • 6400-i15 (Line Matrix Printer, 1500LPM, All Configurations)-$2690
  • 6400-i10 (Line Matrix Printer, 1000LPM, All Configurations)-$2400
  • 6400-i1P (Line Matrix Printer, 1000LPM, Pedestal, All Configurations)-$2400
  • 6400-i05 (Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, All Configurations)-$1680
  • 6400-i5P (Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, Pedestal, All Configurations)-$1600
  • 6400-015 (Line Matrix Printer, 1500LPM, All Configurations)-$2400
  • 6400-014 (Line Matrix Printer, 1400LPM, All Configurations)-$1900
  • 6400-012 (Line Matrix Printer, 1200LPM, All Configurations)-$1700
  • 6400-010 (Line Matrix Printer, 1000LPM, All Configurations)-$2100
  • 6400-P10 (Line Matrix Printer, 1000LPM, Pedestal, All Configurations)-$1990
  • 6400-009 (Line Matrix Printer, 900LPM, All Configurations)-$1400
  • 6400-008 (Line Matrix Printer, 800LPM, All Configurations)-$1400
  • 6400-050 (Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, All Configurations)-$1400
  • 6400-P50 (Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, Pedestal, All Configurations)-$1400
  • 6400-005 (Line Matrix Printer, 500LPM, All Configurations)-$1389
  • 6400-004 (Line Matrix Printer, 475LPM, All Configurations)-$1200
  • 4247-V03 (Professional Industrial Impact Printer, 1100CPS, All Configurations)-Call
  • 4247-003 (Serial Impact Matrix Printer, 700CPS, All Configurations)-Call
  • 4247-001 (Serial Matrix Printer, 700CPS, Twinax/IPDS)-$780
  • 4247-A00 (Serial Matrix Printer, 700CPS, ASCII)-$690
  • 4230-4I3 (Impact Matrix Printer, 600CPS, Serial/Parallel/Twinax, IPDS)-$890
  • 4230-102 (Impact Matrix Printer, 480CPS, Twinax, IPDS)-$960
  • 4230-1S2 (Impact Matrix Printer, 480CPS, Twinax, SCS)-$950
  • 4230-1I1 (Impact Matrix Printer, 375CPS, Twinax, IPDS)-$600
  • 4230-101 (Impact Matrix Printer, 375CPS, Twinax, SCS)-$550

Great selection of configurations (Ethernet, Coax/Twinax, Serial/Parallel, IPDS, Code V/IGP)

We also carry parts for all the machines above including Printronix, IBM, Zebra, Printek and many, many more.

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On-Site Maintenance 7x24 With 4 Hour Response Time
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