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National Data Systems Inc., is pSeries, iSeries, and eSeries Distributor, offering comprehensive services for
upgrading, servicing, selling, maintaining, buying and leasing IBM pSeries equipment and software on demand.

Why NDS and IBM:softcam key download pctv

  • Lowest prices on anew IBM equipment
  • We carry the entire @Series product line.
  • Overnight availability!
  • Guaranteed IBM maintenance
  • Software Solutions on demand
  • Prompt response easy to understand solutions

National Data Systems Inc. Benefits:

Our offer provides you with one of the few opportunities you have to maximize the growth and performance of your system despite a restrictive budget.
The capital dollars saved provides you with a vehicle to add other necessary printers, memory, work stations and software.
All equipment is extensively pre-tested.
Our technical staff is experienced with your hardware, O/S software and the storage subsystems, which ensures a timely and smooth installation.
National Data Systems Inc. only provides products that are viable in the marketplace in the long term
We have many years of experience as an integrator of disk and tape systems and in marketing CPUs, printers and terminals
National Data Systems Inc. can provide leasing through its financial department
National Data Systems Inc. can coordinate your installation and on-going maintenance services
Value Software on demand

National Data Systems, Inc.
p:800.406.1811, f:206.780.6700

Bob Warne
cell 206-954-6143
fax 206-780-6700

Servers: IBM pSeries pSeries RS/6000 System x
xSeries Netfinity System i iSeries AS/400
Storage: IBM DS4000 Series IBM FAStT IBM Shark (ESS)
7133 (SSA) 2104 (EXP PLUS) IBM Ultrium (LTO) IBM Tape
Services: Asset Recovery Consulting Leasing Rentals

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on site service
On-Site Maintenance 7x24 With 4 Hour Response Time
We can provide ON-SITE maintenance of your IBM/ HP/ SUN/ Dell SYSTEMS, for 50% less than you’re paying now. We have 30 years in the computer maintenance business with spares on hand.

We know in this economic time, budgets are tight, and you want to help maximize dollars. Some of the advantages of partnering with
National Data Systems:

  • You can save between 30-70% less than IBM, SUN, HP, Dell are charging and have the same quality of maintenance
  • We are the number one national
    maintenance provider and provide the
    7 x 24 with it, with a four-hour response
  • We have also parts in stock with hot spares running in our service center
  • 30 years in business with 40 servicecenters across the USA
  • Combine all your service with one
    company, creating cost savings and
    simplicity in service resolution.
  • Biggest and best independent
    service provider in the country.

Please call us so we might discuss how we can substantially lower your support/warranty/maintenance costs of your server is servers and storage devices.